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Now offering 1094-b & 1095-b Filings

Let RTO take the hassle out of Annual Filings. RTO is again expanding its offerings, with 1094/1095 filings for employer groups with the same guaranteed service and compliance. We take away all the headaches. Check out our streamlined process

Now Offering Full Service 5500 Filings

RTO now offers a full service 5500 filing solution. This process is completely hands off for our partners. You simply provide us the Plan Sponsors Name EIN/TIN and contact details and we take care of the rest!

What To Know About Nondiscrimination Testing

Why Perform Non-discrimination Testing? If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Premium Only Plan (POP), the IRS requires you to submit to non-discrimination testing once a year. This is to ensure that a company's Medical or Dependent Care FSA treat all employees equally, and do not favor key or highly-compensated employees (HCEs)

What Is An HSA? Is It Subject To ERISA?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are continuing to grow in popularity as insurance costs increase and employers are moving to high-deductible health plans. Let's take a closer look at what HSA's are, their benefits and compliance requirements.

Keeping an Eye on Your HRA Options

This year health coverage continues to be a primary focus for employee benefits and employers are continually looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to compete in their benefits. A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is timely and can offer flexibility for employers.

Five Reminders for Employers to Kick Start 2017

There have been several changes for employers already in 2017. We've rounded up 5 important updates or changes impacting employers today.

  1. A new Form I-9
  2. Updated ERISA fines under TITLE 1
  3. Misclassified independent contractors
  4. Updated Guidance for employer shared responsibility reporting
  5. Key Employee Officer classification change

New HRA Benefit Option for Small Employers

With costs on the rise, small employers often struggle to provide a competitive benefit package to their employees. A provision included in the recently-enacted 21st Century Cures Act overturns ACA-imposed restrictions on small employers and allows qualified small employers to offer health reimbursement funds to their employees. These funds can be used to cover the costs of individual health insurance premiums and to reimburse the out-of-pocket costs for the covered employee and their dependents' health care expenses.

Find the Right Answers for Non-Discrimination Testing

2016 is quickly coming to an end! Have your clients completed their non-discrimination testing for this plan year? The IRS requires testing be done at the end of each plan year to ensure the Plan is compliant and can retain its tax-favored status. All employers are required to perform Non-Discrimination Tests. In order to qualify for tax-favored status, a benefit plan must not discriminate in favor of Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs) with respect to eligibility, contributions or benefits.

Confusing ERISA Requirements Are Solved With A Wrap Plan

What is ERISA and why is it so confusing? ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and is a federal law which sets minimum standards for employee benefit plans. These regulations apply to virtually all Plan Administrators and Employers* who offer sponsor benefits, regardless of their size or number of participants.