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EnsuredCompliance Website

A One Stop Shop


There is no need to use multiple resources to fulfill different ERISA compliance requirements. With EnsuredCompliance® you can manage all your documents and clients in one place! RTO Benefits will privately label a website for your company, meaning we'll brand it to look like yours.

Within your branded site you may create an account for each of your clients, allowing them to log in and see their information and documents. Several user types are supported on the system including Employer, Broker/Agent Administrators. Your clients can be easily added to the system utilizing the API.


Creating documents shouldn't be hard


Add time back into your day by creating documents using the system's "wizard" approach. The wizard walks you through a series of questions and each answer updates and changes the document, creating an extremely customized document. Before the document is final review all your responses on the Review Page and make any necessary. Once reviewed you may fully execute the document or send an email to your client for approval. All documents are stored online for quick access.

It's simple to create POP, FSA, HRA, HRA SBC, WRAP, or Transportation & Parking documents. Learn more.


Non-Discrimination Tests

Tests can be painless


Offer your clients their required non-discrimination tests for POP, FSA, Section 125 and Section 105h. EnsuredCompliance testing provides instant results and can be retaken unlimited times throughout the year. Learn More.


Watch how easy it is to run a POP non-discrimination test.

Guaranteed Compliance

Yes we said guarantee!


RTO Benefits works with a nationally recognized law firm to have all questions, help tools, documents and non-discrimination tests reviewed.

There is no need for you to watch for regulatory updates regarding your documents; EnsuredCompliance will monitor updates for you! If a regulatory change impacts your document the system will either automatically update the document or send out a notice if an update requires user input. Once the changes have been made a new version of the document will be created and accessible online.