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Why is EnsuredCompliance® different?

Compare EnsuredCompliance to your existing process and see what sets it apart

Ensured Compliance Screenshots
Ensured Compliance Screenshots

Are you able fulfill all IRS & DOL compliance requirements from one source?

EnsuredCompliance provides one centralized location to create and store all your client's documents in addition to providing non-discrimination testing.

Are your client's existing documents automatically updated within 30 days of regulatory changes?

EnsuredCompliance monitors regulatory updates regarding your documents and will either automatically update your document or send a notice out if a change requires user input.

Does your current solution create additional revenue for you?

EnsuredCompliance includes a website privately labeled for your business where you can create documents and allow your clients to log in to review and electronically sign. Many customers are able to provide these to their clients at a per document fee.

EnsuredCompliance is truly simple and brings peace of mind

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Is your existing document creation process laborious and manual or simple and streamlined?

Ease of Use is the number one thing our clients say about the system. Word documents can't compete with the ease of creating documents in the EnsuredCompliance solution.

Are you able to create custom documents within minutes?

EnsuredCompliance uses information you select or input to create a custom document that can be fully executed within minutes.

Does your current solution allow your clients to electronically sign their documents?

EnsuredCompliance allows clients to review and electronically sign their documents providing verification of acceptance.

What is the risk if my clients are out of compliance?

75% of all plans audited by the DOL are found in violation. Of that 1/3 are fined over $10,000. Can your client risk that?

Do you provide a compliance guarantee with your existing documents?

RTO Benefits works with a top rated law firm to ensure our documents and tests are compliant.

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Implementation & Support


Implementation of EnsuredCompliance is simple. Your branded site will be up and running within a matter of days. During implementation, you may expect:

  • A custom branded website
  • In-depth training sessions for system users
  • To have existing client data loaded using the API or other automated processes
  • Help during the creation of initial documents

RTO is here to Support you whether it's a quick question or full client support. Visit our FAQ's for EnsuredCompliance user questions or specific document questions. If you don't find your answer in the FAQs, feel free to Contact us.

JW Terill

"EnsuredCompliance produces a very professional branded document. Ease of use is #1! Also, RTO's support is stellar!"

Joni Horvath

Flexible Benefits and COBRA Supervisor at J.W. Terrill