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What are the different permissions and access restrictions within the system? (Admin only)

There are 3 different tiers of access in the Ensured Compliance system; they are Admin, Broker/Agent and Employer. Admin Admin Accounts are the top-level accounts of the site. Admin accounts have the ability to create and manage Agents and Clients, prefill and complete documents, and generate reports. Admin Accounts also have the added ability to allow or prevent Agents and Clients from being able to edit the information in the wizards regarding their documents. Agent Agent Accounts are similar to Administrator accounts but are limited to the clients that are directly linked to their account. They also have the ability to prefill and complete documents for Clients. Client Client Accounts belong to the employer for which the documents will be created. Clients only have the ability to view and edit their own account information, view old documents, create new documents, take discrimination tests, and create amendments to old documents.

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